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Please submit contract agreement below


Students pay for and receive 4 lessons per month (either half-hour, 45 minutes, or hour), at the same time each week continuing until further notice.


Students must notify instructor by the 25th of the month to discontinue or pause lessons, or be responsible to pay for next month of lessons.



EXCUSED ABSENCES - Students can be eligible to receive a make-up lesson for an absence if instructor is notified by 8:00pm the night before their lesson.


UNEXCUSED ABSENCES - Students are not eligible for a make-up lesson and are still responsible to pay if instructor is not notified by 8:00pm the night before lesson time. (Any instructor absences due to travel or illness warrant a make-up lesson.)


TARDIES - If student arrives late to their scheduled lesson, their lesson will only consist of as much time is remaining in their reserved time slot.


MAKE-UP LESSONS - In the case of an excused absence, student can be eligible for a makeup lesson during regularly scheduled lesson day/time in a 5th week of an upcoming month.


If no make-up lessons are scheduled, then no lessons occur during the 5th week.


If student misses a scheduled make-up lesson, that lesson is considered completed.


Although we cannot guarantee a make-up lesson in the case of sudden illness or emergencies, please let us know of the situation as soon as possible and we can try to work with you.


Student is responsible to pay for 4 lessons per month, up-front, on the first of the month.


All payments must be made via automatic monthly payment, unless paying with school vouchers.


It is not the responsibility of the instructor to remind students about making payments or ordering vouchers.


If payment is not submitted at the first lesson of the month, a 10% late fee will be added to the original amount each week until paid. (No exceptions.)


Go to to use our secure online payment portal and create an automatic monthly payment plan.


Payments are automatically processed on the 1st of every month.


Payee will receive notification of upcoming payment 3 days before payment processes, and receive an email receipt after payment processes.

To discontinue automatic payments, students must notify instructor by the 25th of the month to discontinue or pause lessons, or be responsible to pay for next month of lessons. If lessons are discontinued in the middle of a month, the remaining lessons are not eligible for a refund, except in the case of emergencies. 


Lessons continue during some holidays and not for others. Instructor will confirm with students if lessons will be scheduled on an upcoming holiday or if lessons will be canceled.

Lessons are not held on Thanksgiving Thursday, Black Friday, and for last two weeks of the year for the holidays.


Students are not responsible to pay for lessons on holidays that lessons do not occur.


Lessons continue throughout the summer, so students that are out of town may schedule make-up lessons, or if none available, use lesson credits (if available).


Students can also pause lessons if needed by notifying instructor at

Instructor may require books and various materials for their lessons. Students are responsible to purchase and bring their own materials to lessons.

We ask that parents and guardians be involved in encouraging students to practice, grow, and always keep trying! Playing an instrument and singing can be difficult and physically demanding, and encouragement can be a key to the student’s success.


Thanks for submitting!

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