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Frequently asked questions

1. What makes your lessons different?

I teach my lessons in such a way that the student will get playing right away and have fun doing it! No one wants to wade through a month of theory or scales before they can play a song - we all want to learn an instrument to be able to play music! Music theory and technique are super important, and I incorporate it with all my students as we progress, but I approach teaching from an engaging, song-first approach that helps students get excited about what they're learning. 


Lessons are $40.00 per half-hour ($160 per month), but your first lesson is totally free and no-commitment required! I also offer a 10% Family Discount off all lessons for families with multiple students taking lessons, along with a 10% discount for Military, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. (I'm also available for 60 minute lessons!)


I am an approved vendor with Visions in Education, Compass Charter School, Horizon Charter School, Innovative Education Management Schools (Ocean Grove, Sky Mountain, and South Sutter), and Pacific Charter Institute (Heritage Peak, Rio Valley, Sutter Peak, Valley View) , and Sage Oak Charter School, so please let me know if you would like to pay for lessons with charter school funds!


There are several ways to book lessons! You can schedule lessons online right here on this website by submitting the lesson booking form, or you can email me at


Online lessons actually work much the same as in-person lessons! ​All you need is either Zoom, Apple's FaceTime, or Google Meet, and we're good to go. (FaceTime is available on any iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer/laptop using your email address or phone number, and Zoom and Google Meet are all free services that I can help you get signed up with.) Once we get a lesson confirmed, I will send you a link to our video call and we can get started!

If possible, it is helpful to have headphones and an additional device handy (like a phone, tablet, or laptop) to view charts or play audio. 

If you need any help setting up an account for video lessons, let me know! I'm glad to help. 


Like most music lesson academies and music stores, my policy is that each month's lessons are paid for up-front at the first lesson of the calendar month, and you can easily and securely set up recurring monthly payments right here on this website. (I'll send you the link once we confirm our lesson time and start date!) Our recurring monthly payments system is super easy to use and lesson payments process automatically on the 1st of each month.

Please note: my policy is a 10% late fee added weekly after the first week of missed payment.

I am an approved vendor with several charter schools (listed above in #2), so please let me know if you would like to pay for lessons with charter school funds!

Lessons continue until further notice is provided, (or through the school year for charter schools) and to discontinue lessons and cancel automatic payments, all you have to do is let me know by the 25th of the month and we can ensure your payment won't be processed for the next month of lessons.  


While the free first lesson is a great way to see if the student has an interest in the instrument, I also suggest that students try at least one month of lessons before making up their mind to discontinue lessons altogether. It's hard to know if a student will take to an instrument after only a few lessons, especially since it may take some time to get used to certain instruments (e.g. developing calluses for playing guitar).  Please note: my policy is that students notify me by at least the 25th of the month for lessons to be discontinued and student not be charged for the next month of lessons.

7. CAN I SWITCH LESSON TIMES or change instruments?

Yes, definitely! I'm glad to do anything I can to help you advance your music.  Simply contact me and let me know what you'd like to change.


No worries! I get it, life happens and sometimes you can't make it to our lesson. As long as you let me know by 8:00pm the night before that you're going to have to miss your lesson, I can reschedule your lesson for the next 5th week of a month. (For example: You take lessons every Monday, and the next month has 5 Mondays coming up. If you missed a lesson recently and let me know ahead of time, we can move that missed lesson over to that 5th Monday of the next month! If no make-up lessons are needed, you get that week off!) Unfortunately, if you don't let me know ahead of time that you can't make it to your lesson, that lesson is not available for a make-up (except in the case of emergencies).


I do still teach on some minor holidays, but I will always let you know ahead of time. I do not schedule lessons on major holidays in the U.S., such as New Year’s Eve/Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve/Day. If you’re ever unsure about if your lessons are meeting, feel free to check in! Please note: Students are not responsible to pay for lessons that would fall on a holiday that I won't be teaching.


I don’t currently offer an in-person lesson option for several reasons. First, teaching in-person lessons comes with a whole slew of other expenses that cause lesson rates to increase, while online lessons help keep the cost down for my students. Secondly, being online saves parents and students the stress and time of driving to another activity and instead brings their extracurriculars to the comfort of their own home! And lastly, teaching online helps me work with amazing students from all over the world! I currently have students 6 time zones apart, and I would never get to work with them if I only taught in my town.

11. What's your favorite movie?

The Lord of the Rings movies are pretty epic, but I'd have to say it's a tie between Hod Rod and Anchorman for my all-time favorite. Please don't judge me by my taste in movies!

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